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Mahogany Chiavari Chair

At Vision Furniture Mahogany is our most popular wood tone Chiavari chair. Your guests and clients will enjoy the rich, deep dark-brown with slight red tones – matching authentic Mahogany furniture. Our Mahogany Chiavari Chair is consistent in color and whether you buy this year or years from now, the stains will match. (Other distributors of Mahogany Chiavari Ballroom chairs often purchase from multiple factories where inconsistencies in color would be very noticeable.)
With cheap Chiavari chairs, you will often find an opaque and lifeless finish. They will often have a purple undertone, a rough surface with not enough lacquer. This makes the chair look dry and lifeless. At Vision Furniture we make sure our Mahogany Chair is properly made with high quality materials and finished with a beautiful, shiny lacquer before we ship to any of our clients.
All of our wooden frames are tested to real furniture testing standards. Our 2014 model wooden Chiavari Chair passes all BIFMA (Business + Institutional Furniture Manufactures Association) furniture testing standards for both safety and durability. By passing these BIFMA standards it suggests that our chairs are capable of having a lifespan that includes use for up to 10 years, for 8 hours a day, and 5 days a week. Now that is a lot of use!
If you have a wholesale account or are looking for volume purchases, please call our office for a volume quote.
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