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Clear Chiavari Chair

After spending many years testing many different Clear Resin Chiavari Chair options and manufacturing processes, we at Vision Furniture have found a Clear Resin Chiavari Chair we actually like! While much of our competition only wants a low price, without concern to the reliability of the chair, we look at things very differently. At Vision Furniture, if the chair isn’t safe, beautiful and reliable, we don’t sell it! (Even if it’s cheap.)
Our Clear Chiavari Chair is a beautiful, modern option for a unique and trendy look. This chic chair will transform your event with its ability to capture and reflect the light and amp up the ambience of the room.
Vision Furniture’s transparent Chiavari Chair gets its dramatic and high-end look from 100% virgin polycarbonate resin which is superbly clear. Our factory uses a specific process which controls and minimizes air bubbles making the chair frame clear and elegant while maintaining the reliability of the chair structure. Basically, the more random the bubbles, the weaker the chair frame will be.
With cheaply manufactured Resin Chiavari chairs from other companies, you will often find inconsistent coloring with too many random gas bubbles in the resin material. This can ruin the look of the chair as well as compromise the structural integrity.
At Vision Furniture we always want to provide our customers with the highest quality futurniture possible, and while our wooden chairs are still superior in strength and durability, our clear ice chairs are a great option for special occasional use and if you are looking for that high-energy, contemporary style.
If you have a wholesale account or are looking for volume purchases, please call our office for a volume quote.
  • Ballroom Clear Elegant and Modern Elegant and Modern
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  • Ballroom Clear Contemporary Design  Contemporary Design

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