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Black Chiavari Chair

Vision Furniture Black Chiavari Chairs have a glossy, deep black color. We use a higher quality black paint which gives our chairs an even and consistent finish that won’t change or fade over time.
A natural wood chair frame is the best option for a Black Chiavari Chair because the wood is naturally lightweight, strong and has the ability to take on a beautiful, shiny black lacquer finish. Lacquer finishes are easy to keep clean and touch up when needed with wooden chairs. Unlike metal or resin Chiavari Chairs, wooden chairs can be sanded and repainted with ease.
We use a solid wood chair frame that is strong and durable because with Quality Control inspections at each stage of production. Our wood frames are tested to commercial grade furniture testing standards.
Our 2014 model wooden Chiavari Chair passes all BIFMA (Business + Institutional Furniture Manufactures Association) furniture testing standards for both safety and durability. By passing these BIFMA standards it suggests that our chairs are capable of having a lifespan that includes use for up to10 years, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Now that is a lot of use!
If you have a wholesale account or are looking for volume purchases, please call our office for a volume quote.
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